We understand it’s never nice to hear or see something which isn’t right. If you feel that you need us to address an issue, then please get in touch in one of the following ways:

Via Email

Please email [email protected] and put the word ‘Complaint’ in the subject field.

Via Post

You can write to us at Fresh Radio Ltd, 15 Rockstone Place, Southampton, SO15 2NZ.


While we are not regulated by Ofcom, our content does conform in many areas to Ofcom’s Broadcasting Code which sets out general guidelines for traditional broadcasters on the acceptability of programming to different audiences. Please note, as an online-only broadcaster we are not regulated by Ofcom. We would ask you not to contact Ofcom as they will be unable to help you, and would recommend reporting the issue directly to us where we will be able to help you through our own complaints procedure.

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Advertising Standards Authority

If you feel you have been misled while purchasing a product or service you heard advertised on Fresh Radio, and you have exhausted the advertiser’s complaints procedure and Fresh Radio complaint’s procedure then please contact the Advertising Standards Authority. We would recommend the ASA’s FAQ page as a good starting point before filing a complaint.

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